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Restoration Ingersoll

Restoration Ingersoll

Restoration Ingersoll will preserve the neighborhood culture and strengthen the economic vitality of Ingersoll Avenue. Streetscape improvements through public and private partnerships will restore and enhance this unique avenue, the historical heart of Des Moines.

The Ingersoll area has a unique mix of retail and residential features right in the heart of Des Moines. This multi-phased project began with the pilot area of 28th to 31st streets. Improvements include new curbs, sidewalks, planter, plantings, streetlights, benches, trash receptacles and bike racks. These improvements have enhanced retail, entertainment and dining opportunities along Ingersoll Avenue.

Restoration Ingersoll always strives for 100% participation from business, property owners and residents along Ingersoll to complete this entire project.

The Story of Restoration Ingersoll:
Since 1998, a group of dedicated Ingersoll Businesses and property owners, along with the city staff and neighborhood representatives began meeting to come up with a restoration plan for the Ingersoll area.

The goal of this group was to develop a plan that identifies feasible projects to address: streetscape, parking, traffic, and redevelopments opportunities that are cost effective, can be accomplished in a reasonable time frame and create a foundation for future projects as support and funds are identified.

The Ingersoll Beautification Committee (now called Restoration Ingersoll) raised the initial $25,000 from area businesses to fund the first study, which was matched by city funds and manpower. Our group served as pioneers for this unique brand of Public/Private partnership, injecting new life into neighborhoods and business districts alike. Many of the original committee members, as well as new invigorated members, continue to meet on a monthly basis.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Ingersoll:

  1. It is historic and eclectic.
  2. Ingersoll continues to be the quintessential commercial gateway from the west.
  3. Major traffic artery in and out of downtown that feeds the businesses.
  4. Infrastructure in place for new commercial, residential growth and vibrant night life.
  5. Serves the most diverse demographics in the metro area.
  6. At the Epicenter and within one mile of Des Moines’ major attractions:Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines Playhouse, Gray’s Lake, Hoyt Sherman Place,Terrace Hill, Salisbury House and Downtown.
  7. Affordable for entrepreneurial endeavors.
  8. A safe and easy experience for seniors, a growing and important demographic in our area.
  9. Surround by and serves ten distinct neighborhoods and numerous schools.
  10. Vital link to downtown living and working. Ingersoll answers all the service needs of the growing downtown population.

Board Members:
Soozie McBroom - Co-chair 
Janis Ruan - Co-Chair
Lauren Burt
Mark Holub
Mike Hutchison
Ted Irvine
John Lorentzen
Kaye Lozier
Dave Nagel
Mike Woody

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