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Ingersoll Business Committee


  • The Ingersoll Business Committee (IBC) is a committee of the Des Moines West Side Chamber of Commerce.
  • The West Side Chamber's mission is to serve our community by supporting and enhancing the unique quality of life and commerce that defines the Des Moines West Side.
  •  Our boundaries include  Ingersoll Avenue and Grand Avenue from MLK to 42nd Street and all contiguous neighborhoods. 
  • In 2014, the IBC teamed with the Ingersoll/Grand SSMID to produce Ingersoll LIVE, our premier summer event.  This will allow us to utilize the resources and expertise of the Downtown Events Group which produces many of Des Moines' largest events including the Art Festival and the World Food Festival, among others.
  • The purpose of IBC is to promote our members businesses; preserve the character and enhance the aesthetic qualities through streetscape and infrastructure improvements; keep our members informed about area business news; provide opportunities for our members to celebrate and promote the IBC area; promote the IBC area to prospective businesses and residents.

Committee Chair: Matt Coen, Walker Coen Lorentzen Architects

At Large Member: Derek Bough, Think Spending

At Large Member: David Blum, Blum Family Chiropractic

At Large Member: Deena Edelstein, Jesse's Embers

At Large Member: Michael Wergin, Badowers

At Large Member: Steve Kouri, Solar Loan and Sales Co.

At Large Member: Cassie White, Pigott, Inc.

At Large Member: Ying Sa, Community CPA

At Large Member: Jason Simon, Eatery A

At Large Member: Travis Nicholson, Freedom Financial Bank

At Large Member: Dan Norris, Ingersoll Tap

Advisory Board: Mike Hutchinson, Star Bar & Peachtree Properties

Advisory Board: Ted Irvine, The Mansion

Advisory Board: Todd Richman, Beeline and Blue

Advisory Board: Soozie McBroom, French Way Cleaners

Co- Directors: Dave and Carolyn Nagel 

IBC Membership is provided to Des Moines West Side Chamber member businesses located on Ingersoll Avenue and Grand Avenue from MLK to 42nd Street and all contigious neighborhoods. In addition to being a part of the Ingersoll Business Committee, your membership with the Des Moines West Side Chamber also provides you with membership to the Greater Des Moines Partnership. Look for the application form in the membership area of website.


IBC Chairman: Matt Coen, Walker, Coen, Lorentzen Architects;

Co-Directors: Dave & Carolyn Nagel,

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Phone: (515) 850-1847
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