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The need to develop a new Des Moines West Side Chamber was driven by one primary factor: A change in the Greater Des Moines Partnership (Partnership) investor model. In the Partnership 2012 unified investor campaign a new funding model was developed for the Partnership. Under the previous model the Partnership was member based, there was not a consistent method of dealing with local Chambers and their relationship (and their members relationship) with the Partnership. The new Partnership 2012 campaign is designed so that all local Chambers (affiliates) and their members, all have the same relationship with the Partnership. Under this new model the Partnership is a regional investor organization with investors at a $2,500 level or greater. Local Chambers acquire membership to Partnership services for their local members by affiliating with the Partnership. So all members of local affiliate Chambers are members of the Partnership. The Des Moines Side West has not previously had a "chamber" that members could affiliate with. Thus, previous Partnership members that were not at the $2,500 investment level would not have an organization representing them.


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558 28th St.
Des Moines, IA 50312
Phone: (515) 850-1847
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